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10 Black Family Sitcoms

Family comes in all shapes and sizes and no matter what your family looks like it's important that it's reflected in a positive light because too often are single parent households or blended families seen as a negative thing. As time moves on Black sitcoms move on too and begin to change their narrative which we're only just seeing happen in other industries too. No matter what the premise of the show, they'll are guaranteed to make you laugh and ultimately feel good by the end.

10. All Of Us

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom All Of Us

The CW

All of us is about a blended family who are adjusting to the new dynamics of their family life. The show focuses around the main character, Robert (Duane Martin) who is father to his son Bobby (Khamani Griffin) and shows the challenges he faces while trying to appease both his ex wife and his new girlfriend. The show is based on executive producers Will and Jada Smith's real life experiences as a blended family with Will's first son Trey and Will's ex wife Sheree.

9. One On One

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom One On One


Breanna (Kyla Pratt) is sent to live with her bachelor father Flex (Flex Alexander) when her mum decides to accept a job in another country and while he's not quite used to being a father full time he slowly beings to step up to the plate over the course of the series. The show features a lot of special guest appearances such Chris brown, Omarion, Lil Kim, Solange to name a few.

8. Smart Guy

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom Smart Guy

The WB

Child prodigy T.J. Henderson (Tahj Mowry) moves from 4th grade in elementary school to the 10th grade in the same high school as his older siblings. The show focuses on the challenges TJ faces with his family and friends being extremely smart and young. Their father Floyd (John Marshall Jones) balances work and being a single father to three kids but ultimately is a great role model for his children. This is great new direction for a TV show to take as not often are single father's represented.

7. Sister Sister

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom Sister Sister


Twins Tia (Tia Mowry) and Tamera (Tamera Mowry) were separated at birth when their paternal mother dies, Tamera is adopted by a couple and Tia is adopted by a single mother. After 14 years they accidentally find each other and Tamara's father reluctantly lets Tia and her mother move in with them to avoid the girls being separated again. Marques Houston also plays the annoying teenage neighbour and responsible for the classic catchphrase "Go home Roger!".

6. Good Times

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom Good Times


Good Times was television's first African-American two parent family sitcom, it depicts the challenges of working class family in Chicago living in the projects and their ability to always make the best of a bad situation. While this wasn't the most innovative narrative, during the 1970's it was a stark reality for a lot of Black families and the show highlighted a positive family dynamic regardless of their surroundings which surely resonated well with a lot the viewers.

5. Everybody Hates Chris

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom Everybody Hates Chris


Everybody Hates Chris was created by comedian Chris Rock, which is based on his life and is also narrated by him. It's the 1982, Chris (Tyler James Williams) and his family have just moved from the projects to a new apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in an area riddled with poverty, gang violence and drugs, his parents try their best to make sure their kids stay out of trouble by giving them strict rules and discipline. Being responsible for his younger brother and sister, going to an all white school and not being the coolest of kids, Chris has a lot on his plate but he still manages to find the funny side of life.

4. That's So Raven

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom That's So Raven


Thats So Raven is probably the most tame show on the list due to being aired originally on The Disney Channel, but none the less it's one of those shows that stood out from the rest. Raven ( Raven-Symoné ) finds out she is in-fact psychic and she inherited the powerful gift from her mums side, specifically her grandma. The show follows Raven trying to come to terms with her new found powers and understanding that more than often she can't prevent the future from happening but with very over the top and funny consequences.

3. My Wife And Kids

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom My Wife And Kids


My Wife and Kids centres around Michael (Damon Wayans) who is father to his three children and husband to his wife Jay (Tisha Campbell). Michael often roasts his children and wife because of the mistakes they made which will have you laughing out loud from episode one. Apart from the laughs My Wife and Kids was a great representation of a Black family dynamic, whatever troubles they had they found a way through and the fact that the mum and dad are together was a great way to change the negative narrative that Black families don't stay together.

2. Black-Ish

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom Black-Ish


There aren't many Black family sitcoms that came out after 2010 but Black-Ish is probably the only one we need. Dre (Anthony Anderson), the head of the household, begins to realise that living in an affluent white neighbourhood is having an effect on his children and he is disappointed that his kids actually aren't that "Black". However, being Black means something different for everyone and this becomes the main premise of the show. Behind the funny moments there are important lessons to be learnt and stories to be heard about Black culture in every episode, it's a perfect example of how to bring a sitcom up to date.

1. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

The Cast From Black Family Sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air


If someone says "now this is a story all about how" and you don't know how to finish it, then you might want to go take a long hard look in the mirror. This iconic TV show which launched Will Smith's acting career, follows Will (Will Smith) a kid from Philadelphia and the challenges he faces moving to the very wealthy area Bel-air. While Will learns how to be more responsible, the family in return learns a lot of lessons from Will on how to be more carefree and fun.

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